23 degrees… in March…

Easing very slowly into Summer mode. Mown just the back and sides of the house for now. Front tomorrow. Reconnected the battery on Mega Breadvan and moved it away from the garage. New battery box ordered.

2nd physio session under COVID

Second physio session this morning on my back. Last Friday I had an evening slot so it was all over fairly quickly. Apparently my back is too “welded” together. The X-rays point to squashed vertebrae and arthritis.

This morning I took the 4th of the 4 seats in the waiting room. Seems they have a good rotation system as I was sent upstairs to the landing where there was 2 further seats. So waited there. Eventually I was ushered into a room to lay on my front, the physio hooked me up to an electric treatment machine and I was left for 10 minutes.

Then he came back took off the electrodes and went off again. 5 mins later he came back to manipulate my spine. Really went to town on that. Then told me to lie on my back before he disappeared again. Came back 5 mins later to basically manipulate my back by twisting me using my bent knees. That was it and off he went again.

Got dressed and went off down stairs, trying to keep a distance from the two others sat down there.

Waited 5 mins, but the physio seemed to have disappeared. I didn’t need to pay anything and knew that my next appointment was at the same time on Friday, so I just left.

For a small town house with 3 floors they’ve done well to keep the place going, while keeping everyone COVID safe.

Fly tipping in a conservation area near the river Essonne

RER D level crossing at Fontenay le Vicomte

Went for a nice walk along the Chemin des Marais this morning… usually a lovely place close to our village, less so today.

Some selfish idiot had decided to do a mini fly tip. Since the advent of COVID and construction of new housing in our village, the local conservation area has become more well known. I suppose people fly tipping means that the area is a victim of it’s own success. Such a shame…

Half price from Hachette…

Normally 40€, I bought this display case half price in a Hachette sale, along with a La Poste Renault 4 fourgon.

Finally models that had been stored in boxes are finally on display.

Some new car brochures

Through Le Bon Coin I have made contact with a nice chap called Guy, who amazingly is a retired English teacher living nearby in Egly.

He is a serious collector of car brochures, whereas I only have 50 in my own collection. Most I got when I was a child/teenager. So some pretty old stuff.

From Guy I initially bought a sales brochure for my Mega Multitruck. Then in a second batch a further Mega leaflet. One on the Skoda coupé to go with a late 70’s Skoda brochure I already have. There is also one about the early 2000’s Citroën Berlingo MPV model. My brother in law, Patrick, owns one.

Lastly a what might have been. Another sans permis car, the Mia. Which looked very promising had production not ended prematurely.

Very pleased with my purchases and thanks to Guy for arranging to drop them off to Isa near her office.

Isa’s birthday

Thumpah on a moon…

Things have been on a roller coaster just lately, with Isa’s Dad in hospital. Sadly none of us seemed to feel in the mood to celebrate her birthday, which was pretty sad.

Like mine in January it was all very subdued. I got her a nice posh card and this Thumpah necklace. Often she says she doesn’t want anything. Isa is always someone who puts others before herself. I have tried many times to get her to think about herself for once.

As with my birthday I think we’ll do a proper double celebration once this COVID episode is over.


Love these old Greyhound coaches and wish I had more. This one was part of a magazine series by Hachette called “Autobus du Monde”, available in maison de la presse (newsagents). Model made by IXO.

Walk in the marais before télétravail

Now Isa is working from home two days a week, we’ve decided to go for a walk together either before or after work.
She has been really going through it with her Dad (well, we all are). I’ve had feelings of heading into a breakdown, which has made me a very different person this last week or so.
This morning we managed 2.5km on our walk and that helped.

Due some physio soon, although it feels good to be walking, my back was complaining by the time we got back to Mega Breadvan.

Got a bit of work today myself as I have a lesson with little Anne, the daughter of Polish friends who live in our region, tomorrow morning. Helps me to keep my hand in.

Cheap sushi

Isabelle spent ages yesterday preparing some sushi for tonight. Cheapish to make and cheap in calories. 12 pieces with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce is under 500 calories. So win-win.
She is very pleased with herself.